Picky Parrot Palates


Your package of Bodacious Birdie Bites has arrived! With great anticipation you place the first tasty morsel into his bowl, only to watch while your picky baby flings it over the side of his food bowl.

Birds are creatures of habit and love routine. Mixing unfamiliar foods in with their regular mash can be met with resistance. What can you do to help your bird be successful trying new things?

The Gradual Switch: Blend a small amount of the freeze dried food in with his existing food. Each day gradually increase the ratio of freeze dried food available to him. (Please note that our food is intended to elevate and diversify your bird’s present diet; not to replace it.) If he refuses to taste his new food, try sprinkling some of the freeze dried crumbs settled at the bottom of the package onto his regular moist food. The crumbs will subsequently rehydrate and stick to his food.

It’s all about the timing: New foods should be introduced first thing in the morning when your bird is hungriest. Remove existing food bowls first before placing the new food bowls into their feeding area. Keep it available for a few hours before removing and replacing with their regular food. You can reintroduce the new food again in the afternoon.

Foraging Fun: Offer the new food as a foraging treat! Place the food inside your bird’s favorite foraging toy, or sprinkle tiny pieces around the areas your bird normally hangs out. Make it fun for him to discover the new food! We’ve had great results introducing new treats to our own flock of 13 while they’re away from their cages.

Separate feeding bowl: Some birds dislike having anything new mixed in with their familiar mash, but will happily try new foods introduced separately.

Texture swap: Our freeze dried foods may be served as-is, or reconstituted. You can adjust its texture and softness by the amount of fluid added and the amount of time allowed to soak. Some birds prefer their food warmed while others prefer it served room temperature. Others enjoy their food soaked in organic fruit juice, organic almond milk or organic coconut milk while others prefer it kept crunchy. Don’t be afraid to try different things, including pureeing. In time you will discover the perfect winning combination!

Powder things up: If your bird continues to turn his beak up at the new food, never fear! Simply powder it up using your bullet, coffee grinder or mini processor, (Note: your appliance must be 100% bone dry before processing your freeze dried foods.) and then sprinkle it onto their regular moist mash. There’s absolutely no way they can avoid the new food, as it will have adhered to their mash! This has been a very successful way to infuse wholesome organic goodness into many birds’ diets. If, for example, banana is their favorite treat, sprinkle a little powder onto the banana slice. If he rejects it, try sprinkling just one side, and then present the slice to him with the non-sprinkled side facing up. Be creative!

It really is food: New food may not be perceived as food to your parrot. Watching you eat the food first may be all the temptation your parrot needs. Try taking a nibble, and then make a huge fuss as if it’s the best food you’ve ever tasted before offering a piece to your parrot.

Introducing new foods takes time, creativity and, most importantly, persistence!