Parrot Poppers (Freeze Dried)

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Calling all Big Beaks! We have an amazing new freeze dried treat created especially for large birds!

These mini organic bell peppers are stuffed with the following organic goodies:

  • acorn squash
  • peas and lentil sprouts
  • amaranth grain
  • sunflower sprouts
  • dandelion greens
  • steel oats and quinoa which has been steamed in Greywood Manor pretty plume tea

Each mini bell popper half is approximately 2-3 inches in length, and can be easily held while snacking. 

If you have a small bird and would like your birds to enjoy these organic treats, these poppers can be crushed or chopped into smaller more manageable pieces.

Each package holds approximately 8 parrot poppers.
Net weight= 1 ounce