What is Freeze Dried food?
Freeze drying is a process whereby all of a product’s water content is removed using specialized equipment. Water is vaporized from the food via a process called sublimation. This water vapor adheres to the drum of the machine during the drying process. Up to 97% of the food’s nutritional content is preserved during the freeze dried process. The food retains its shape and most retain its natural color.

How do I prepare this food for my parrots?
You can either serve the freeze dried food directly from the package or add tiny amounts of water to bring it back to its original state. No cooking is required.

Where do you get your organic foods from?
We shop exclusively where certified organic foods are sold. This includes retail markets and wholesale co-ops that sell certified organic foods to restauranteurs. We do not grow or purchase any foods that have not been labeled as certified organic.

Do you add anything else to these foods?
Several of our foods contain organic spices that are safe for parrots, such as organic Ceylon cinnamon and organic cayenne. We also steep some of our foods containing grains with Greywood Manor organic avian teas. No processed ingredients such as sugars, salts or fats of any kind are added.

Where do you ship?
We ship within the continental US, Canada, and to a limited number of countries. (See following paragraph)

Do you ship internationally?
We provide international shipments to Europe, Japan and Australia at this time. Shipping charges are tricky to set up, so please be advised that the cost for shipping your package may be different from what our shopping cart has calculated. We will let you know if any adjustments will be made before we ship.

My calculated shipping charges seem high
If our shopping cart interface over- charges for shipping, we will notify you and submit a refund for these overages.

When can I expect my order to ship?
Most orders ship within one business day when items are in stock. We will notify you if we are low or out of stock on any item and will provide you with its revised shipping date. Please note that most freeze dried foods require anywhere from 24-50 hours to process any out-of-stock items. We do our utmost to keep any low stocked items flagged in red on our website for our customers to see.