**Announcement for our Bodacious Family**


To our wonderful Bodacious Family
We have two announcements.

Our store will be closed December 4th-December 25th. We will not be fulfilling any orders during this time so that we can manage our gift company, San Diego Gift Baskets, over the holiday season. We will resume operations at Bodacious on December 26th.

As you are aware, prices have increased exponentially across the board this year. Bodacious has been significantly impacted by the price increases for organic foods and grains, packaging materials, shipping, labor and electricity usage.

After the holiday season, we will be reassessing our company’s business plan and financials, taking into consideration the current and projected state of the economy. At the very least we will be streamlining our production practices, which will include switching from hand chopping our food to processing with equipment. We will be discontinuing food products which are most labor intensive and introducing new lines of organic foods that can be produced well using equipment.

Our greatest concern is with the direction that California gas and electric companies are heading. Our freeze dryers must run 24/7, and between 24-50 hours per batch. This year alone our gas and electric company has raised our rates by an astounding 258%, and we have just received notification that there will be another significant rate increase in January. Our state has fully embraced the Green model, and our utility companies are quickly thrusting consumers towards solar conversions through rapid fire rate hikes. Sadly freeze dryers don’t run optimally using solar energy, so difficult decisions are on our horizon.

Thank you so much for your confidence in us and for being a part of our Bodacious family. It truly brings me joy preparing healthy organic freeze dried foods for your beloved birds.

With gratitude,


Sandy Grendell, founder & chef
Bodacious Birdie Bites