About Us

Bodacious Birdie Bites is a small family owned and operated business. We are the proud ‘parronts’ of 13 amazing parrots!  It has been our mission to learn everything possible about avian nutrition and how we can optimize their diets in captivity.

Our birds enjoy a wide variety of organic vegetables, fruits and sprouts daily. Their chop is made fresh every morning. Our birds will sing and chirp as they wait for breakfast to be served.

Meal prep and planning has been a struggle whenever we left town. Refrigerated chop is fine for a few days, but if we left for an extended period of time then what? Frozen food wasn’t an option because our birds won’t eat it.

Freeze dried food caught our attention quite by accident. While surfing the net for chop prep ideas, we stumbled upon an article explaining the amazing benefits of freeze drying food, and how up to 97% of its nutritional value is preserved  during the freeze drying process. We watched a bunch of YouTube videos on freeze drying, bit the bullet and purchased our very first freeze dryer, and the rest is history! 

All our products are hand selected organic, non GMO human grade food. Although we aren't able to offer our food as 'human food', it absolutely is human food. 100%! We snack on it all the time! 

Raw, organic fresh fruits and vegetables truly excite me! I love their vibrant colors, their fresh-picked scent and even the texture of beautiful food! 

All our products must first be approved by our picky palate flock before we will offer it to your birds. Our birds absolutely love their chop, treats and goodies. We are thrilled to now be able to  offer it to you and your feathered friends. Bon Appetit!